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screenshot of deletion form with Ajax sysop.

AJAX sysop dynamically loads information, modifies pages, and submits queries for quick sysoping (screenshots: deletion form, Special:Contribution, patrolling). It should be fully compatible with all skins and modernish browsers.


  • list subpages of both associated namespaces.
  • if on a user page, show block log.
  • checkbox to hide rollbacks from recentchanges and watchlists.
  • AJAX rollback links.


User scripts[edit]

  1. Copy the following code to your global.js page (for all wikis) or your common.js page (for Meta only).
     * Ajax sysop
     * @see
     * @update-token [[File:Pathoschild/ajaxsysop.js]]
  2. Refresh your browser to reload the JavaScript. (In Chrome or Firefox, press [CTRL] and [R] at the same time.)

As a gadget[edit]

This script can be used as a site gadget and is compatible with ResourceLoader. The MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition line should look something like this:


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