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Hallo PawełMM - I contact you because we have corresponded before, and I was earlier arbitrarily blocked from editing Polish Wikipedia by Wikipedysta:Elfhelm.

I was adding reference links to Polish Wiki so as to provide veracity and enlightenment but clearly Wikipedysta:Elfhelm does not like this (and on a previous occasion even had the temerity to say: "if you don't understand Polish f... off") to which I would suggest that if Elfhelm does not understand English he should be kept away from articles on Polish Wiki concerning British people because he is undermining attempts to improve them.

Please review carefully: & in light of this, I trust you should be inclined to unblock me immediately.

Many thanks for your prompt attention to this heavy-handed use of Admin authority. I look forward to hearing from you. M Mabelina (talk) 03:02, 22 November 2015 (UTC)