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Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Cost per unit Total cost Currency Notes
1 Infrastructure Nonprofit insurance 1 organizational policy 1 2000 2000 USD Liability and D&O, which is standard.
2 Infrastructure Meeting space 1 WikiWednesday Salon 10 500 5000 USD Regular weekday use of the Babycastles co-working space is included along with the public meetups.
3 Food and beverages Regular event meals 1 meal for 30 people 20 200 4000 USD 10 of these meetings will be WikiWednesday Salons in our regular venue, the other 10 meetings could be anywhere in the area as volunteers request.
4 Event support Intercity bus trips Per person 5 200 1000 USD Bus travel and hostel to or from NYC for purpose of Wikimedia event participation.
5 Event support Childcare Per event 5 160 800 USD We are unsure of demand so want funding for 5 instances of this as pilot.
6 Event support City mass transit 1 round-trip 20 10 200 USD This is the correct amount of fare to offer to people who need ride support to attend events.
7 Wikipedia Day Student hosts (2) 1 hour 10 40 400 USD Required venue "student hosts", $20/hour each
8 Wikipedia Day Venue rental and staff expenses 1 Wikipedia Day 1 600 600 USD Venue rental, including staff not paid hourly like security and cleanup.
9 Wikipedia Day Food and beverages 1 Wikipedia Day 1 2000 2000 USD Food, coffee for the whole day for ~120 attendees.
10 Documentation Video project profiles 1 video-day session 5 1200 6000 USD Videos have been popular for NYC events. Demand continues for profiling more projects.
Total cost of project


Additional sources of revenue

Additional sources of revenue, other than the Project and Event Grants Program, that may fund part of this project, and amounts funded.

  • No other cash funding
  • In kind funding includes the following:
    • Nonprofit discount from venues which provide physical space
    • Donated labor of local volunteer Wikimedia community organizers