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Pratyya Ghosh
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I am Pratyya Ghosh (pɹəʊˈtˈtɔɪ ɡhʊʃh) (Bengali: প্রত্যয় ঘোষ) (/prot̪t̪oe̯ ɡʱhoʃh/) ( listen), a Wikipedian, trying to improve the encyclopedia the best. I am a Bangladeshi by born and currently living in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Even though I registered at 26th January 2012, I didn't know anyone can edit Wikipedia at that time. Naturally I didn't start my editing then. Therefore the first edit I made to Wikipedia, was from an IP Address which was made at 25 July 2012. Then I continued as IP for around a month. Finally at 24 August 2012, I finally made my first edit with this account and then continued with the community. Things I did overall to the Wikimedia projects can be found using my works at top.

Beside a Wikipedian, I have a small and nice life-circle in real life. I am a would-be Mathematics major. Hence am passionate about Mathematics. Apart from academics I am a sports lover. I love to watch movies and read books. Alongside I can do a bit debating. Passionate and have some knowledge in programming and can give orders to computers with in an amateur way.

As I am no secretive person regarding contact info's, I am giving some mediums to contact me outside Wikipedia. BUT I would expect that you contact me through talk-page or E-Mail regarding Wikipedia related issues. One more thing. I am mostly active on English Wiki and Bangla Wiki, so you may find me there for swift replies.
Twitter: @Pratyya10
LinkedIn: Pratyya Ghosh
Facebook: Pratyya Ghosh
Instagram: Pratyya Ghosh
IRC Nick: PratyyaG or GhoshP

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