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Mascot, Legal, Wikimedia Foundation
“Calvin: It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy…Let’s go exploring!” - Calvin & Hobbes

About me

I came to the Foundation in 2013 when my dad Rory adopted me. I spent a few years watching Dad be the legal team mascot, learning from the best how to stoically stare down the foes of the movement and provide silent support whenever needed. Upon Dad’s departure from the Foundation in May 2017 after his many years of service, I was promoted to the role of mascot myself. Dad has big slippers to fill, but I’m ready to do my part to support the legal team and protect free knowledge. So far, I’ve been learning a lot about trademark law to see if I can protect my signature facial expression. While I call San Francisco home, and spend most of my time roaming the legal corner of the Wikimedia Foundation offices, I love to travel whenever I get the opportunity. For that reason, Wikivoyage is my favorite of the Wikimedia projects. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to see more and more of the world as an official mascot. I love reading Calvin and Hobbes®, and my favorite show is Winnie the Pooh® with Tigger® being my favorite character, of course. I started with Litten® in Pokemon Sun®.

My work

I represent the WMF legal team at Wikimedia conferences and events, and hopefully soon (if I am invited) as a member of the Cuteness Association. I handle all the legal team cases where silence is the best option, and I’m a really good listener. I also act as a movement ambassador, and assist with education and outreach for WMF legal. Like Dad, I’m absolutely dedicated to the movement, so I hold the fort by staying at the office all day and night except for the times when I’m traveling on movement business.

Disclaimer: I cannot give legal advice because I am not licensed to practice law. I am also a stuffed toy animal without human intelligence.

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