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de-N Dieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache.
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An unreferenced truth is better than a referenced falsehood.

About this page[edit]

This page is my global user page. It should show on any Wikimedia wiki where I don't have a local user page.

At least the following local user pages exist (most stuff should be here, so not much to find there):

Here I collect information that applies to every such wiki, for example MediaWiki editing help.

About Me[edit]

Why do I like Wikis, in particular Wikipedia? Well, first because of their usually outstanding quality and extent.

However, wikis are also a particularly good example of a "Knowledge Medium", which is a favorite subject of mine. The first knowledge medium was "watching", followed by "showing" and "telling", followed by "writing". Then came the internet, facilitating information flow in general, then the web, facilitating knowledge representation (HTML) and access (HTTP and search engines). Now, we have wikis, allowing nearly limitless quality improvements. A future step may be the additional (but not exclusive) machine-processable formalization of some of the represented knowledge. Wikidata is a step in this direction. This would turn wikis into semantic networks. To a limited extent, this might help in automated theorem proving and validation.