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I'm en:User:RandomP from I think it's rather silly I have to get an extra account to discuss Wikimedia matters, rather than just being able to use that account.

People keep complaining about a divide between the communities? How about removing a totally unnecessary 5-minute step (register new account; think of new password; jot down password in safe place; copy anti-spam string; put a note on user page telling people where you're from) before allowing them to comment (non-anonymously) on Wikimedia matters?

It's not like there would be any technical difficulty sharing the user database between all wikis and allowing users to log in as visitors from another project.

Anyway, the reason I'm here is that, in the September 2006 elections, a clear majority of those people who could be bothered to learn about a new-and-wonderful (but discredited, and dysfunctional) election system called en:approval voting disapproved of a certain candidate to the Board. He was subsequently appointed.

I think there's something wrong with that. I'd like to find out how this happened and whether there's any way to fix it before giving up on Wikipedia.