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Why I won't donate this year.[edit]

Wikipedia used to be something you could be proud of.

What did we do in 2011 that we didn't do in 2007? Nada.

Worse. The incivil and the vandals have taken over the culture. I won't mention names, because they'd just block me for exposing them, but there are users who go around bragging about how many legal images they delete and hoping to delete 420K more.

And this is what we were paying you for? Rudeness, Thuggery, and more money every year for an ever-worsening product with no new features and a horribly crumbling community?

I've been a wikimaniac for a long time. this is the first christmas I won't be giving anything to you-- and I hate it. But you can only treat people so disrespectfully in one year, and your administrators crossed that line with me this year. I stopped feeling like part of a team and felt like a source of cheap labor. Something is rotten at Wikipedia, and I worry we're headed towards being the next Myspace-- cool once upon a time, but you'd rather be caught dead than working on your myspace in 2011.

I've reported the problem in more detail to the property authorities. Please put your house in order so I can again invest in it with confidence. At minimum, stop the punks from starting riots and torching the place-- it used to be a really nice little spot on the internet. --Nobody who will be missed.