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Wikidata Bot created by Data Engineering and Semantics Research Team, University of Sfax, Tunisia

About me

This is a bot created by Houcemeddine Turki, member of Data Engineering and Semantics Research Team in University of Sfax, Tunisia. This bot allows adding reference support to biomedical statements in Wikidata.

My work

  • This bot identifies unsupported biomedical relations on Wikidata using a SPARQL query.
  • To find references supporting the extracted Wikidata statements, all that should be done is to use the PubMed Central search engine (based on Biopython and NCBI Entrez API) to find publications where the subject and the object of each statement co-occur. The algorithm will return the PMC ID of the reference for each assessed Wikidata statement and the sentence proving it within the full text of the reference.
  • All we need to do is to convert PMC IDs into Wikidata IDs using Wikidata Hub, and then add the obtained references to Wikidata using the QuickStatements API.
  • The source code of this bot is build using Python 3.5.
  • Further details about the bot can be found here.
  • The development of RefB is supported by WikiCred Grants Initiative. WikiCred’s funding is provided by Craig Newmark Philanthropies, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Contact me

  • My volunteer account is "Csisc" in Wikidata and in other Wikimedia projects
  • E-mail: turkiabdelwaheb(_AT_)
  • Phone: +21629499418
  • Skype: csisc1994
  • Twitter: @csisc1994
  • LinkedIn: Houcemeddine Turki

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