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立委林麗嬋正在攝影棚中拍照。 / Legislator Lin Li-Chan in the scene of photo-shooting event.

正體中文(Traditional Chinese):

台灣分會在3月的後兩週,模仿「維基人在歐洲議會」活動,帶著5名攝影志工,為國會議員拍攝CC-BY-SA的照片。台灣的國會是「立法院」,議員稱為「立法委員」,總共有113席,其中有38位參與了這次的拍攝。參與的人數已經超過這屆國會中,第二大政黨的席次(35席)。拍攝的成果將在四月底前上傳到維基共享資源,可在分類「WikiLovesCongress Taiwan 2016」中找到。



The final two weeks of March, Wikimedia Taiwan imitates the event of Wikipedians in European Parliament to bring five voluntary photographer and take photos of the Taiwanese Congresspeople under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license. The congress of Taiwan is also known as Legislative Yuan, and the congresspeople are also known as the members of the Legislative Yuan. Totally there are 38 out of 113 congresspeople have participated in this event. The total amount of participation has out numbered the number of seats of the second largest party in the Congress, which is 35 seats. The results of the photo-shooting event will be uploaded into Wikimedia Commons before the end of April. You can find the outcome in the category of WikiLovesCongress Taiwan 2016.

The congressional election in Taiwan is held every four years. The 9th term of congress was just elected on 16 January this year and the inauguration day was on 1st February. Many of the congresspeople are in their very first term. Legislator Lin Li-Chan is one of the freshmen in the congress. As a matter of fact, she is not born in Taiwan but from Cambodia. Because of married to a Taiwanese, she acquired the nationality of Taiwan.