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The following information reflects my own explorations into MediaWiki's database usage. Each list item header contains two parts. The left-hand part (e.g., "archive table") is a link to the "official" information, which resides under Help:Database_layout. The right-hand part (e.g., "mw_archive") is a link to my exploratory version.

MediaWiki uses about two dozen MySQL tables. These can be examined interactvely, using the mysql(1) command. They can also be dumped into XML and/or loaded into the wiki. See Data dumps for more information.

Semantic MediaWiki currently adds three database tables:

  • attributes table - smw_attributes

    Contains attributes for RDF subjects (e.g., pages).

  • relations table - smw_relations

    Contains relations between RDF subjects (e.g., pages) and objects (e.g., pages, URIs).

  • special properties table - smw_specprops

    Contains special properties for RDF subjects (e.g., pages).