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Ronalita Felix
Ronalita Felix
Volunteer & Wiki Kent Club Member, Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia

About me

Hello, greetings. I am Ronalita Felix, a new member of the Wikipedia Community. I'm from Sabah, Malaysia. Currently, I am a member of the Wiki Kent Club, under the auspices of the Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to join this non-profit community.

In strengthening my knowledge in Wikimedia projects, there are several learning workshop that I have participated in, namely:

  1. Bengkel Wikikamus Bahasa Kadazandusun
  2. Event:WikiGap Malaysia 2024
  3. Bengkel Wikicommons om Meta-Wiki
  4. WikiGap Malaysia 2023 - Tuaran
  5. Bengkel Wikikamus untuk Bahasa Etnik Sabah
  6. WikiGap Malaysia 2024 - Tuaran
  7. Wikimedia Incubator-DTP Edit-a-thon
  8. Dataton Buku 2024

Events I have attended:

  1. Event:WikiKaamatan 2024
  2. Kembara Ilmu Kent 2023
  3. Wiki id Sikul: Wiki Kent Kindu 2024
  4. Tadau Kinoulitan Wikipedia kumo-23 2024
  5. ESEAP Conference 2024

My work

I am passionate about exploring the many projects within Wikimedia. So far, I have tried several projects such as Wikimedia Incubator, Wiktionary, Wiki Commons, and Wikidata. The language, culture, and traditions I have contributed to these projects are those of the Kadazandusun people located in Sabah which is my beloved own people. Through this, I hope to share with global friends the rich and unique culture of the Kadazandusun people.

Contact me

  • E-mail: felixronalita@gmail.com

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