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Statement of the issues[edit]

This statement is intended to be concise and easy to understand. It is not by any means intended to reference every single instance of alleged violation of Wikimedia policies and norms. Additional information can be found in the discussions and RFCs mentioned above.

  • Copyright violations: See threads at [1] and w:az:Vikipediya:İdarəçilərə_müraciət#Copyright_violation. While exceptions may cover some of the questionable articles (not considering the issues of plagiarism here), not all of the articles have been accounted for. Cekli829 also threatens to block over the questioning of his own articles.
  • Abuse of block tool: Cekli829 blocking a user over a Facebook comment (see discussion immediately under my original comment in the #Questions section, where Cekli829 freely admits to this)
  • Use of admin tools to push POV editing: This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, but here is one example:
  • Accusations of undisclosed paid editing have been made but I am not in the position to comment on their validity.
Why steward intervention is needed
  • A discussion to review the sysop status of Cekli829 failed to remove administrative rights or provide effective accountability.
    • The comments of bureaucrat User:Eldarado at 18:41, 26 fevral 2019 (UTC) seem to discourage the participation of non-administrators (though Google Translate is not very clear).
  • It is apparent throughout the discussions referenced that Facebook and WhatsApp groups play a large part of the governance of azwiki, and naturally those groups exclude the participation of editors from the decision making process.


  • All admins/bureaucrats/interface admins will have their rights removed
  • Ban on local admins/bureaucrats/interface admins for 6 months from close of RFC
    • During this time global sysops and stewards will patrol the wiki
  • Ban on permanent local admins/bureaucrats/interface admins for 12 months from close of RFC
    • For stewards to assign temporary or permanent rights, elections must be conducted in a fair manner (allow all azwiki editors to participate), have the necessary levels of support, and not be affected by canvassing.
  • Stewards will conduct a review of long-term blocks of users

Requests for comment/Do something about azwiki#Proposal[edit]

Hello. I have proposed removing all administrators, bureaucrats, and interface admins from the Azerbaijani Wikipedia due to concerns about copyright violations, abuse of the block tool, and use of admin tools to push POV editing. Evaluation of the situation on this Wikipedia by outside Wikimedia editors would be appreciated.