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Shannon, Nov 2022

Shannon Bailey joined Wikimedia Foundation to work on Parsoid and related technology.

Shannon wrote two programming languages over her career: Nemesys was a C interpreter and x86 assembler that was used to write an interactively debuggable co-simulation and co-execution tests for the Transmeta Crusoe X86 CPU during development, and the functional array language compiler for Native Cloud Systems and IOT Inventor based on the concepts of APL / R and J languages inspired to Ken Iverson. I've worked on Lotus 123 version 2 and 3 cell engines, and Borland Quattro Pro spreadsheet in assembler and C on its formula recalculation engine and on many other products over three decades. At Wikimedia Foundation, I've learned Javascript and PHP while working on Parsoid.

Test Wikitext Playground area (ignore, I just use this area for Parsoid test and verification)[edit]

Large table lint error generation

Caption for second table with a row with seven cells
Header 1 Header 2 Header 3
Cell 1 Cell 2 Cell 3 Cell 4 Cell 5 Cell 6 Cell 7.1

Reference 0. [upper-alpha 1]

Reference 1.Template:Efn-ua More text following reference 1. Another reference 2. Template:Efn-ua Additional text following footnote 2.

Reference 3. [lower-greek 1]


  1. Reference 0
  1. Reference 3 Greek.

Previous Test Cases[edit]

[1] [2]

  1. example
  2. example

test linefeed[1]

  1. testLinefeedRef





  1. a b asdf
  2. a b qwer

Test Wikitext areas MINUS ONE :-)[edit]

PRE [1] THEVALUE Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; name cannot be a simple integer. Use a descriptive title POST [2] GROUP [noreference 1]

  1. preValue
  2. postValue

Test Wikitext area ZERO[edit]

1 [1] 2 [1]

  1. a b 1

Additional Wikitext test area ONE[edit]

Cite error: Invalid dir="nonsense", must be ltr or rtl Cite error: Invalid dir="", must be ltr or rtl

Additional Wikitext test area TWO[edit]

[1] [1]

  1. a b content

AA [a 1] BA [b 1] CA [c 1] BB [b 2] FBA FAA FBB FCA

  1. group_b_name_a group_b_follow_a
  2. group_b_name_b group_b_follow_b
  1. group_c_name_a group_c_follow_a
  1. group_a_name_a group_a_follow_a

Additional Wikitext test area THREE[edit]


  1. a b theFollowValue anotherFollowValue Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; name "theName" defined multiple times with different content

older tests[edit]


Wikitext Playground area for tables and list items[edit]

  1. List item #1
  2. List item #2

Subheading #1[edit]

1 A1
2 B2


indented one level
indented two levels


  • Bullet #1
  • Bullet #2
    • Sub Bullet #2a

text1  text2
text1  text2

PHP section=1[edit]

PHP section=2[edit]

PHP section=3[edit]

PHP section=4[edit]


Notes on updating OS/X machine and fixing various problems in Nginx, PHP and Xdebug working on PhpStorm[edit]

The following narrative and hopefully helpful hints about using a MacBook pro with PHPStorm to develop mediawiki core, parsoid and extensions is in progress, capturing notes of the two phases (sperated by two years), of initial installation efforts and challenges, and my recent wrestling match when upgrading PHP, Xdebug, nginx and core/VE.


Issues installing and maintaining mediawiki, VE and parsoid locally as a developer on OS/X[edit]

As a developer working primarily on Parsoid, but needing to have a full core mediawiki installation with VE and other extensions, I've had some challenges getting a stable and complete installation of the mostly complete mediawiki stack going a couple of years ago. The initial installation had its frustrating moments, and each time I upgrade OS/X, something will be broken as a result of the upgrade, and I'll have to track down and figure out what changed.

My machine is a 2014 Macbook Pro currently running Catalina (as of March 2021). Back two years ago, Arlo helped me expand my installation from just having Javascript Parsoid and related test environment installed, to having a full core and VE installation running on my local machine. I like IDE's, much nicer than what I had to use back in the DOS and early Windows 3.0 days, and so I had WebStorm installed and working well for javascript development on Parsoid. Once we installed mediawiki core, and began the port of Parsoid from Javascript to PHP, I switched over the PHPStorm (which has good Javascript support as well).

The first challenge I faced was getting an appropriate version of PHP installed, and a matching version of XDebug to work properly with PHPStorm. You would think that JetBrains would have getting a debugging working under PHPStorm dialed in, but alas, getting XDebug installed and configured properly to work with PHPStorm can require a fair bit of research and hacking as the JetBrains help and web site, is umm, not that helpful.

The second challenge was getting the nginx web server installed and configured properly to work with my PHP installation, and not the one OS/X ships with. With installation of VE and Vector skin, and localSettings.php with the right directives, and nginx.conf with the right configuration, and PHP's php.ini setup correctly, and PHPStorm configured with the right setting for Xdebug and, well the first time around that was mostly all that needed to be done on High Sierra (I currently run Catalina, and am not ready to upgrade to Big Sur).

Recently though it wasn't upgrading OS/X that bit me, it was mediawiki cores need for me to switch to PHP 7.4.15 after I refreshed my repo from master after many months of leaving well enough alone. So without thinking too much hassle would ensue, I did a Brew update, which upgraded nginx and a bunch of other packages. Upgrading PHP of course broken Xdebug as the one I now had installed no longer worked with 7.4.15 not being built with that versions header files, etc. So I began researching how to get a matching Xdebug version installed. The web site for Xdebug has prebuilt executables for Windows, but not for Mac. Instructions on how to get a matching Xdebug were varied, but eventually I got pecl to run (required recent version of XCode with command line tools installed which I happen to keep installed), but then the compile failed and a bit of research turned up the fix in: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64321231/pecl-extension-compile-error-for-php-7-4-on-macos

In file zend_operators.h you have to change a 1 to 0

#if defined(HAVE_ASM_GOTO) && !__has_feature(memory_sanitizer)
# define ZEND_USE_ASM_ARITHMETIC 0  // STB - 03-02-2021 changed 1 to 0 as a fix for xdebug compile

which then allowed pecl to succeed.

$ pecl install xdebug

foo misnested tag bad bar baz foo misnested another tag bad bar baz


{{{echo}}} hi there 23 {{{echo}}} an_image


Template:Echo2 {{{echo}}} foo misnested tag bad b bar baz foo another misnested tag bad bad bad b bar baz foo another misnested tag bad bad bad b bar baz foo another misnested tag bad bad bad b bar baz foo another misnested tag bad bad bad b bar baz foo another misnested tag bad bad bad b bar baz foo another misnested tag bad bad bad b bar baz foo another misnested tag bad bad bad b bar baz foo another misnested tag bad bad bad b bar baz Just a minor change
Cite error: <ref> tags exist for a group named "noreference", but no corresponding <references group="noreference"/> tag was found