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α - Ω Software engineer, Web developer and Pen-tester for 18 years!

I try to find common ground with everyone I meet if I can't find any Then what interests you is something new I can learn, I can read a situation well, I always try to be polite to strangers, friends and frenamies a like.

But I do have my problems as well, as does everyone else. Yin and yang means we need these conflicting sides to us to keep ourselves and the society we live in functioning

I love psychology[edit]

I love learning tricks and what makes the mind tick for fun and profit! Like sales or colors i should use to design a webpage / wear to make someone relax and trust me NOT hypnotising people into giving me their card and pin..... I know yours though!

I love a challenge![edit]

especially when it comes to programming. Give me a project and a programming language I'm not that familiar with or have never used at all (-- allowing extra time for languages such as [Brainfuck](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brainfuck)) and I will learn the language while making the project and still have it finished on time.