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This is me.


I am Sara. I am a student who recently found Wikipedia and start editing. I edit mainly in articles about geography-related subjects, since I like to travel. Whenever I can, I add sources to what I add, but if you find anything among my edits that is incorrect, please edit the page. It is a wiki, after all, and there is so much to learn. Which is why it's a good thing that we collaborate on making the articles better :-)

If you want to leave me a message, do it on my talk page.

Sometimes I upload photos of the places I visit to Wikipedia's sister site, Wikimedia Commons. Feel free to add those pictures to any relevant articles. Here's how.

I find these resources helpful while editing Wikipedia. Maybe you will too:

If you think that you recognize me, you might have seen me take my first steps as a Wikipedian in the Bookshelf educational series. If not, you could learn from my experience by clicking here.

Thanks for visiting my user page. Happy editing!


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