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Mania, mainly. For eventual move to Wikimania: site



  • Set up prioritized thm-keynote invite list, work through it quickly (updates every 1-2 days) <-- this is ongoing
  • here's a more serious list from another con: [1]
  • here's another: [2]
  • and another: [3]


  • research workshop page - cormac, andrea, phoebe, jamesf
  • other suggestion list updated
  • people who have suggested workshops already reminded to submit (phoebe)


  • Invitation letters <- does anyone need the clean text? ask phoebe
  • Visa information letters (what does this mean?)
    • Also, invitation guidelines? unclear.
  • Accept/reject


  • Crucial things
  • cfp
  • registration - how to register (answer:notyet), how much (answer:cheap!)
  • housing on site (answer:will be some, cheap!)
Boston Hotels - on-ground discounts?
  • scholarships? can we provide, how to get, what to do? (answer:???)
  • visas? can we provide, how to get, what to do? (answer:visapage)
  • Needed now:
  • Boston info
  • travel info
  • travel mailing list
  • community "updates on mania" mailing list -- non-planning interest list ("hello, we've now opened registration")
  • Need organized site updating team!

for meta:

  • cleanup 2005 intro page sort of done, not completely
  • check wikimania links out
  • fieldguide to meta site

for 2005/old wiki:

  • see proceedings, below

Volunteer coordination[edit]

  • design - b4, linuxbeak, ben, ..
    • need design team page/project list
  • j, others? -- NE library lists
  • other lists? ACM
  • sasha/biomed? sponsorships?
  • info desk / who? what?
  • need publicity team, stat
  • Adding proper permissions into indico (phoebe)

Translation & publicity[edit]

  • cfp for trans? posted? distributed?
  • conferenza
  • Aphaia's suggestions integrated

set up:

  • other committee lists; cf design, program
  • regular (every 10 days) updates on all the committees sent to wikimania-l;
  • social list
  • attendees/crashpad list


  • ngb, phoebe, sj
  • talk to wikisym
  • cleanup links in 2005 program
  • move 2005 from meta to 2005
  • 2006 architecture?


  • sponsorship note from wiki -- replied to?
  • OTRS-checking; invite request to reply to


  • next general meeting
  • program meetings -- moved up 1 hour? timeshift? weekend meetings? how to make participating in meetings easier?
  • need to have solid list of to-dos for people to work on
Need to move to-do list someplace more visible?


for all:

  • timeline
  • other, better, more diverse speakers

for discussion with ??:

  • childcare
  • meals
  • scholarships
  • events happening in Boston / field trips

'awesome' list[edit]

  • ice cream (social)
  • sex, drugs, and rock n'roll
  • librarians
  • pillow fights, which we need more of