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NameReginald Routhwick
BornJuly 31, 1986
(Roseau, Dominica)
LocationDover, Florida
Time zoneUTC -5
(DST: UTC -4)
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Reginald Routhwick is the pen name of a Commonwealth of Dominica expatriate who contributes to Wikimedia as Slgrandson. Also known as Routhwick at Reddit, Miraheze, and Steemit/, and under his real-life initials across deviantART, FurAffinity, Inkbunny, IMDb, and elsewhere. Born in 1986, Routhwick is now based in Dover, Florida (after previously residing in his home suburb of Stock Farm, Roseau [until June 2005]; the Bronx of New York City [until August 2005]; and Waterbury, Connecticut [until January 2017]).

"Slgrandson"/"Routhwick" is among only a handful of Wikimedia members—and practically the only wiki aficionado—to hail from Dominica (out of a few dozen more from the Caribbean region). The "Slgrandson" alias honours one of his relatives through a contraction of the phrase "Sylvie Lewis' grandson" (the first two letters are her initials).

Routhwick runs the Constant Noble creative-venture label responsible for a conlang project called Tovasala, né Relformaide, as well as two forthcoming book projects (Unspooled and The Sevton Saga). Constant Noble also specialises in geofictional cartography, and (as Constitution Books) once dealt with public-domain reprints for the Amazon Kindle market during the early 2010s.

Routhwick arrived on Meta in 2006 thanks to this message from Manuel de Sousa (talk · contribs), but is otherwise far more involved with WP duties.


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