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“Sororidad”, or solidarity in English, stands for an alliance between women. It is a term that inspires the feminist movement and is a key to the creation of networks of women who together walk the path towards equality and liberation. “Sororidad” is seen as a political proposal for women to unite, cooperate and lead movements. For Sorora e.V. Sisterhood is the key to enabling women to work with people who understand their problems. It means a new way of looking at the women around them and is conditioned by respect, mutual care, and the creation of networks to change power structures.

It makes it clear that without solidarity it is not possible to end injustice. Therefore Sorora e.V. attaches great importance not only to the word as such but also to the execution of the above-mentioned self-understanding. It is also clear that gender is not the only category that generates power differences in our society. It is also about making multiple discrimination visible and acknowledging that there are other issues besides sexism that affect feminism. The goal of Sorora e.V. is an intersectional feminism, that is, feminism for all. This does not mean that it wants to speak for all nor can it speak for all: For the very realization that this is not possible, is one of its achievements. Therefore Sorora e.V. tries to recognize differences in the work of the association and to reach an agreement not despite but because of these differences.

The work of the association focuses on the formation of feminist alliances and alliances as well as networking with other feminist associations or clubs that deal with power differences and multiple discrimination. It should always be ensured that there is a clear majority of members who are read by women and members with multiple discriminations. Furthermore, the main focus of the association’s work is to stimulate an intersectional discussion on the topic of gender and the promotion of gender equality through the production and organization of innovative, high-profile, courageous and innovative art and cultural events, and to open up spaces for exchange, activism, and collaboration. All-female artists*, initiative, and project groups can participate without distinction of origin, language, or age. All in all, the understanding of non-linear and ever-changing feminism is the basis of all discussion. However, the common path towards equality and liberation as well as respect, mutual care, and the creation of networks to change power structures should always be clearly emphasized.