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An extension that gives a bit more Dublin Core style metadata to an article, via a new action. Quite good for projects that use MediaWiki that, like the one I'm working on, have government sponsorships that require a fair amount of easely accessable metadata. :)

If anybody else finds use for this, go nuts. Change it or fix it or whatever. Please send me any changes though.

It's a simple enough plugin. Just download the tarball and extract to the extensions/ directory, then log in to your MySQL database and "source metadb.sql". Finally add


to your LocalSettings.php (at the bottom).

Then you will have access to a new action called "meta", and new tags:

 <meta:creator>Creator name</meta:creator>
 <meta:description>Article description</meta:description>
 <meta:subject>Subject or keywords</meta:subject>
 <meta:source>Original version of article</meta:source>
 <meta:relation>Relations or references</meta:relation>

The last tag can be used often for more references. Only one relation per tag though!


Thanks to Ray Kimsey for a wonderful tab patch.


  • Make plugin work with <geo> tag.
  • Fix output page.


Probably plenty of them. Let me know.


  • Icelandic Wikipedia Talk Page
  • E-mail: spm2 at hi dot is