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Hey, if you got here it’s because you really want to know a little more about me than my compact user page says. Let's go to presentations.

I live in southern Brazil, sometimes it's cold here (yes, cold). I start in Portuguese Wikipedia in 2014 and, gradually, I became interested in other projects. Today, I contribute routinely with Wikidata and, sometimes, Commons too. In Wikipedia and Wikidata I serve as sysop, so if you need something related to this projects probably I can help you and I'm always there.

If you got here because you see I'm doing some action (delete, block or rollback) on your project and you want to understand for what I do it, the answer is: in addition to the projects above, I also serve as steward (join us!) and my work is track SPAM, vandalism and long-term abuse (LTA) around the Wikimedia projects (we call this "crosswiki"), so my action is probably related to deleting SPAM or vandalism. The reasons for my actions can always be found in the action log.

If you believe that I made a mistake, or that I shouldn't have acted, please, let me know. I love receiving feedback on my work, so don't be embarrassed :)

I speak Portuguese, but I can understand English and Spanish. However, feel free to write in your native language (I will do my best to understand).

If you have any question, comment, or anything else, my talk page is always open :)

Regards from Brazil,