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I was having trouble with Joshua_Oreman's icon extension so I decided to make a really simple one that works on my MediaWiki site. This is based on Joshua's code, Thanks Joshua. Here is the code:

# To use this:
# <imglink src='MyImage' href='url' border='0' width='100' height='100' ></imglink>


$wgExtensionFunctions[] = "wfImageLink";

function wfImageLink()
  global $wgParser;
  $wgParser->setHook ("imglink", "renderImageLink");

function renderImageLink ($input, $argv)
   $href = $argv["href"];
   $border = $argv["border"];
   $src = $argv["src"];
   $height = $argv["height"];
   $width = $argv["width"];

   $itag = "<a href='$href' ><img border='$border' src='" . Image::imageUrl($src) . "' width='$width' height='$height' /></a>";
   return str_replace ($ret, "IMAGE", $itag);