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Welcome to my page! Hello! I'm Túllio F, a user interested in contributing to open-source platforms in favor of unrestricted, free and quality knowledge!


I believe in free, quality public education and I will work for it.


Starting my contributions in 2018, I started editing more significantly on Wikipedia during the period of social isolation during the COVID 19 Pandemic, especially improving entries related to flora, mainly Brazilian trees, taking advantage of my technical knowledge in the area.

Later, combining my interests in photography and travel and noticing the great lack of information/photos of a large part of Brazilian municipalities and towns (mainly the smaller ones and further away from large centers), I started to work constantly on improving these items.


Wikimedia Commons is a free media repository where I upload my photos and videos, currently with more than 4 thousand uploads (files uploaded).


I have been an active volunteer at OpenStreetMap since 2013, the main free mapping platform widely used (including in Wikimedia projects). I have dedicated myself mainly to creating and editing road networks, watercourses and pedestrian trails throughout Brazil, mainly in the places I visit, currently I have more than 8 thousand editions.


In order to contribute even more to collaborative mapping, I have voluntarily worked on the Mapillary project since 2020, sending more than 351,000 street-level images from all over Brazil, especially the North and Central-West regions. My user pages: