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Whatredirectshere is a toolserver tool that shows which pages redirect to a particular page on any Wikimedia Foundation wiki.

The URL is

The tool is linked from vi:MediaWiki:Linkshere on the Vietnamese Wikipedia, from fr:MediaWiki:Linkshere on the French Wikipedia, from tet:MediaWiki:Linkshere on the Tetum Wikipedia, and from nl:MediaWiki:Linkshere on the Dutch Wikipedia. (If you add a link to the tool from your project, please notify me so that I can make sure not to break the tool for your project.)


Existing or pending[edit]

Code Language Translator(s) Status
ar Arabic Meno25 Uploaded to toolserver
ca Catalan Vriullop Translated
de German Purodha Uploaded to toolserver
fr French Korrigan Uploaded to toolserver
en English Tangotango Uploaded to toolserver
es Spanish Tasc0 Uploaded to toolserver
hr Hrvatski E.coli Translated
ja Japanese Tangotango Uploaded to toolserver
ko Korean Ficell Translated
it Italiano User:PersOnLine
lt Lithuanian Matasg Uploaded to toolserver
mt Maltese User:Chrisportelli Pending
nl Dutch Chaemera Uploaded to toolserver
pl Polish EMeczKa Uploaded to toolserver
pt Portuguese Get_It Uploaded to toolserver
ru Russian Kalan Uploaded to toolserver
sv Swedish Bromskloss Uploaded to toolserver
tet Tetum MF-Warburg Uploaded to toolserver
ta Tamil Vinodh Pending
vi Vietnamese Minh Nguyễn (Mxn) Uploaded to toolserver
zh Traditional Chinese 華德禹 Uploaded to toolserver
zh-cn Simplified Chinese 蔡冠豪 Uploaded to toolserver


If you would like to request that somebody else create a localization, please add that language to the list below, and preferably direct somebody who speaks that language to this page.

New localizations[edit]

If you would like to create a new localization yourself, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Add your language to the Existing or pending list above, and note that the translation is pending
  2. Click on the red link that you have generated, pointing to your new language file
  3. Copy the contents of one of the existing localizations (copying from the English file is recommended to preserve meanings) into your new language file
  4. Translate your new language file, and save
  5. When you have finished, please notify me

Please note: You must license your localization under both the en:GNU General Public License and en:GNU Free Documentation License. Thanks!