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The following text is neither a policy nor a guideline. It is just an essay and you are invited to change it freely.

Don't bring local issues to Meta. It might be surprising to you, but Meta is a local wiki just like all other wikis are. It has the very specific purpose of coordinating other local wikis. Better represented by stewards' tasks, sometimes users from Meta are asked to perform some actions, specially changing rights. Due to this relation of Meta with local procedures of other wikis, some people may believe that users from Meta are capable of giving a solution to unsolved problems of all other wikis. It is not correct. What they should observe is that this interference from Meta is done according to local consensus. The decision is made by local users and Meta users just follow their request. On wikis where consensus is not possible though, like small wikis, some procedures may be done without local consensus, but that doesn't apply to conflict resolution.

Even the most experienced Meta users are probably not aware of local rules; at least not more than experienced local users from your wiki. By knowing that, some Meta users prefer to not participate in any of these discussions after being requested and you might receive a negative answer with that reason.

The best practice is trying to follow local procedures. You can start using the regular dispute resolution processes. If your wiki doesn't have such processes, you can use any discussion page visited by a large number of community users (like Village pump), so they can leave there their opinion.

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