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Whoooaaaa, check this out. It spins!


"The L-shaped Tetris block,
not the pansy 4x1 block"


Hi and Welcome to the global user page of user TETRIS L. Yeah, that's me.

Who I am and what I do in Wikimedia[edit]

I'm male, in my mid 40s, husband and father. I work as a thermal power plant process engineer. I'm German, but I've lived and worked in many places around the world for longer and shorter periods.

My main fields of interest are:

  • Energy
  • Mining
  • Mills

... and the history of these.

I learned the ropes of wikis as a contributor of several PC-gaming-related wikis in 2005. I'm a regular in the German Wikipedia since 2008 and on Wikimedia Commons since 2009. In other Wikipedias, including the English one, I do mostly minor edits such as adding or correcting interwiki links.


If you want to contact me, you can