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This user drinks a lot of coffee.

Welcome to my userpage. I am interested in how account security works. I also look out for vandalism and will revert any vandalism I see. I tag pages with maintenance tags and fix articles with Manual of style issues. I also regularly patrol Recent Changes (when I have time). I also do lots of copyediting and removal of dead links on pages. Many of my edits, but not most involve the use of Twinkle.

If you asked me to edit for you, I suggest that you read this. I have been approached countless times to help others promote their business on Wikipedia. I refuse to do this.

My barnstars are listed here.

Wikipedia has become my hobby however I am a busy person. Don't expect prompt replies to my messages. I may have sudden bursts of editing on Wikipedia but suddenly I could have exams and entirely stop editing for a few days. I edit Wikipedia mainly in my spare time.

One of my userboxes says that I used to be a vandal. Here's the story: When I was around 6 or 7 years old I remember clearly at a page which I don't remember now I switched the statistics for a joke. I also changed numbers in formulae. In primary school (around year 6, when I had developed good skills) every time the teacher wasn't looking I would do this sort of thing with my friends to play around, changing the information and also blanking pages. I have decided to quit this childish behavior and fight vandalism on Wikipedia, instead of being a vandal. I patrol recent changes and I also tag pages for deletion when I think it's necessary.

I edit a lot about Hong Kong-related articles so I have joined WikiProject Hong Kong. Since I live in Hong Kong, I will update HK-related articles with relevant information, and also fix issues in these pages.

I travel a lot as well and I often edit Wikipedia while on-the-go with the mobile app!

I took a long hiatus from editing from Feb 2015 to Nov 2015 because I had many commitments such as my academics. Now, I have more time to edit and contribute to Wikipedia.

I also contribute to Wikivoyage.