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Jon Harald Søby
Community Fellow

Jon studies Linguistics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. A Wikimedian since 2005, Jon edits and translates in several language versions of Wikipedia. Jon's fellowship projects are modeling new ways to engage with volunteer translators, and his work focuses on usability improvements for Wikimedia's translation systems.

Projects: 2011 Fundraiser Translations Coordination, Meta Translation Requests Improvements

Press: Announcing Community Fellow Jon Harald Søby

Jonathan Morgan
Research Fellow

Jonathan is a Wikipedia Researcher and PhD candidate in human-computer interaction at the University of Washington, where he studies how people use technology and tries to design things to make their lives easier. As a fellow, Jonathan focuses on projects related to the new editor experience on English Wikipedia.

Projects: Wikipedia Teahouse, Wikimedia Summer of Research 2011

Press: Announcing the Community Department Summer of Research

Sarah Stierch
Community Fellow

Sarah has been an editor on English Wikipedia since 2004, and has been active in GLAM-Wiki projects since 2009. She's finishing her master’s degree in museum studies at George Washington University. Sarah has made it her mission to close Wikipedia's gender gap, and her fellowship focuses on attracting and retaining more women to contribute to Wikimedia projects.

Projects: Wikipedia Teahouse, WikiWomen's History Month

Press: Announcing Community Fellow Sarah Stierch

Peter Coombe
Community Fellow

Peter has been editing English Wikipedia since 2005 and is an active member of Wikimedia UK. He’s got a B.A. and M.Sci. in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge. As a fellow, he brings a data-driven approach and experience breaking down complex topics into clear written information in order to improve the usability of help pages on English Wikipedia.

Projects: Help pages redesign

Press: Announcing Community Fellow Peter Coombe

Tanvir Rahman
Community Fellow

Tanvir is an active editor of Bengali Wikipedia since 2009, and helped found Wikimedia Bangladesh. He is a steward and also volunteers on the Small Wiki Monitoring Team and Countervandalism Network. Tanvir brings his experience with small wikis to the fellowship program in order to experiment with on-wiki strategies to encourage and grow the editing community on small language versions of Wikipedia, with specific focus on the Bengali Wikipedia.

Projects: Small Wiki Editor Engagement Project

Press: Announcing Community Fellows Tanvir Rahman and Steven Zhang

Steven Zhang
Community Fellow

Steven has been editing the English Wikipedia since 2008 and is active there in multiple dispute resolution forums. As a fellow, he is investigating opportunities for improvement of dispute resolution processes, and on building community capacity for dispute resolution on the English Wikipedia.

Projects: Dispute Resolution on the English Wikipedia

Press: Announcing Community Fellows Tanvir Rahman and Steven Zhang

Completed Fellowships
Fellow(s) Project(s) Sponsor(s) Length Announcement

2010/2011 Fellows

Victoria Doronina and Maryana Pinchuk History of the Russian Wikipedia Zack Exley 8 weeks 2010-09-30
Steven Walling Quantitative and qualitative research into Wikimedia communities, centered on the Contribution Taxonomy Project, as well as organizing and outreach such as for Wikipedia's 10th anniversary Zack Exley One year 2010-09-15
Lennart Guldbrandsson Bookshelf Project and Account Creation Improvement Project Frank Schulenburg 6 months 2011-01-07
Maryana Pinchuk "Wiki-histories" summer fellowship, a joint program with volunteers and grad students, who will produce a series of narrative histories of Wikimedia projects Zack Exley One year 2011-03-01
Achal Prabhala Field research in India and South Africa into the state of published and unpublished source material for use in verifying Wikimedia content Barry Newstead and Zack Exley 5 months 2011-01-12
R. Stuart Geiger, Aaron Halfaker, Fabian Kaelin, Melanie Kill, Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia, Yusuke Matsubara, Jonathan Morgan and Shawn Walker Wikimedia Summer of Research 2011, studying longterm participation trends in Wikipedia Zack Exley 3 months 2011-06-01
Fabian Kaelin Study of Portuguese Wikipedia Editor Trends Siko Bouterse 2 months 2011-06-01
Liam Wyatt Global GLAM outreach, building enthusiasm, awareness, and working models for cultural institutions to partner with Wikipedians in producing open content for the public. Piloting and scaling the Wikipedian in Residence program and GLAMCamp gatherings to forward the GLAM movement. Zack Exley and Siko Bouterse One year 2011-01-19
Yusuke Matsubara RevDiffSearch and WikiHadoop Analytics projects Diederik van Liere 7 months 2011-06-01
James Alexander Business analysis for the 2011 Fundraiser, Wiki Guides pilot project to help new editors, Reader Relations assistance Philippe Beaudette One year 2011-03-22
R. Stuart Geiger Qualitative and quantitative analysis of User Template Experiments and other community research statistics related to editor retention. Siko Bouterse 6 months 2011-06-01
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