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Transcript of question by Frances Hocutt (Software Engineer) to Lila Tretikov (Executive Director) and Boryana Dineva (Vice President of Human Resources) at the January 2016 WMF monthly metrics meeting.


  • Frances: I have a somewhat awkward question, I'm afraid. I was surprised to see that characterisation of the engagement survey results, especially considering what's been posted recently on the Signpost and The Wikipedian about such numbers as 10% staff confidence in executive leadership. On the subject of accountability, I would love to see constructive change. What key metrics are being used to assess the performance of our leadership, and what is the timeline for them? And, to be clear, I am not talking about transparency of our communication which were mentioned, but about deeper concerns. I don't know whether Boryana is the appropriate one to answer this or not.
  • Lila: I'll take the second part of the question, that specifically talks about executive leadership and how we measure executive leadership. So what we're doing actually in the Annual Plan is we're making it really clear about what our measurements are and what are our KPIs, both at the executive level and organisational level and of course those two work together. So you'll be able to see exactly how we measure ourselves. In terms of the immediate responses and I'll let Boryana talk a little bit more about that, there are specific things that were brought up in the survey. One of them is strategy, see that addressed, another of them was predictability management, just general management things, and that's something that we've been addressing even over the last month or so - almost immediately - in terms of providing transparency and accountability towards our projects. There's a weekly update, things like that going out. So you can actually see some of the measurements internally, on Office Wiki, and I'll be happy to reshare it with everybody if people don't see it.
  • Frances: Yes thank you, perhaps I've missed it but as I've been looking around I haven't seen any metrics that were specifically towards executive performance. So if they're there I'd love to see them, thank you.
  • Lila: Thank you. And I will share it in the next weekly update so that it's on top of your mailbox.