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Palisades Mountain House - Mountain Pavilion - 35 Sonnets - Jevons Block - Spectropia - Tom Thumb's Picture Alphabet - Thirty-nine reasons why I am a vegetarian Symbol question.svg - Youngblood Hawke (band) - Hackensack Drawbridge Symbol question.svgGnome-help-browser.svg - Betelguese, a trip through hell Symbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svg - Steven Van Voorhees Gnome-help-browser.svg - Children of the Anachronistic Dynasty - We'll Be Coming Back Gnome-help-browser.svg - Ugatame - Been Down So Long Gnome-help-browser.svg - Through a Frosty Plate Glass Gnome-help-browser.svg - The Art of Nijinsky - Stops of Various Quills - A la Nacion - El niño de nieve - Don Sancho Garcia conde de Castilla - La Novia Muerta - Canciones Surianas - Larz Bourne - 1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up - A Forest Hymn - Harvey B. Dodworth - List of cemeteries in Hudson County, New Jersey - D'Jais Gnome-help-browser.svg - The Bad Child's Book of Beasts - Inventor's paradox - The Video Game Critic Symbol question.svg - The Luchagors (album) Gnome-help-browser.svg - Brain Games Symbol question.svg - Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes Symbol question.svg - Bertholf - Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones‎ Gnome-help-browser.svgSymbol question.svg - Lazzara - Conlee - The King is Dead (album)‎ Symbol question.svg - Hit 'Em Up - Blue Monday (Orgy song) Gnome-help-browser.svgSymbol question.svg - The War of the Bruces - Maquee - Smile (American band) - Maisland Symbol question.svg - Metzner - Abel I. Smith Burial Ground Symbol question.svg - At the Drive-In / Sunshine Gnome-help-browser.svg - Ms. G.O.A.T. Gnome-help-browser.svg - Shinese - Dub Kweli - The Brass Rail (Hoboken, New Jersey) Symbol question.svg - Calyptra orthograpta - Calyptra parva - Calyptra pseudobicolor - Calyptra subnubila - Calyptra ophideroides - Calyptra nyei - Calyptra minuticornis - Calyptra lata - Calyptra imperialis - Calyptra hokkaida - Calyptra gruesa - Calyptra fasciata - Calyptra fletcheri - Calyptra eustrigata - Calyptra bicolor - Doublecheck Your Head - Valonia ventricosa Symbol question.svg - Ciliopagurus albatrossi - Ciliopagurus alcocki - Ciliopagurus babai - Ciliopagurus caparti - Ciliopagurus galzini - Ciliopagurus haigae - Ciliopagurus hawaiiensis - Ciliopagurus krempfi - Ciliopagurus liui - Ciliopagurus macrolepis - Ciliopagurus major - Ciliopagurus obesus - Ciliopagurus pacificus - Ciliopagurus plessisi - Ciliopagurus shebae - Ciliopagurus substriatiformis - Ciliopagurus tenebrarum - Ciliopagurus tricolor - Ciliopagurus vakovako - Ciliopagurus - Halloween hermit crab Symbol question.svg - Max Tannone - Mos Dub - Chew the fat Symbol question.svg - Cold shoulder Symbol question.svg - Worn Me Down Gnome-help-browser.svg - Jaydiohead Gnome-help-browser.svgSymbol question.svg - Voorleser Symbol question.svg - Red Wine and Blue - The Dearhunters - With flying colors Symbol question.svg - Milk chugging Symbol question.svg - Live from Orensanz - Hudson County Community College Symbol question.svg - Buildings at 1200-1206 Washington street Symbol question.svg - Wikiproject: Hudson County Assessment Table - Three Pigeons Symbol question.svg - Big Blue Meenie Recording Studio Symbol question.svg - Wikiproject: Hudson County Task Force - Shippen Street (Weehawken) Symbol question.svg - Garden State Crematory - Bergen Crest Mausoleum - Palisades Cemetery - Machpelah Cemetery (North Bergen, NJ) - E.T., I Love You and Other Extra-Terrestrial Songs for Children - Samuel Sloan (railroad executive) - Alma (given name) Symbol question.svg - Firemen's Monument - Grove Church Cemetery Symbol question.svgSymbol support vote.svg - Totally for Teens - Octavina - These Are My Twisted Words - Verrès Castle - Audrye Sessions EP - Boys & Girls 1+1=3 Gnome-help-browser.svgSymbol question.svg - Nicestupidplayground - Playfair's Law - Show Me (John Legend song) - The Genius After Hours - The Airborne Toxic Event (album) - Kira Willey - Dance for the Sun


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Squatting, eating, and talking with DGG at the 2011 Wiki-picnic in Central Park.
To the left at the Wiki World's Fair. Hours of travel on foot, train, and ferry at 100°F on an empty stomache made me incapable of, well, doing anything but stare until the food was opened.
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