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Local Request Link: Emergency Request for Permissions - Temporary
Local User Page: [[User:{{{2}}}|No local user page filed]] ([[{{{4}}}:{{{3}}}:User talk:{{{2}}}|talk]] / [[{{{4}}}:{{{3}}}:Special:Contributions/{{{2}}}|contrib]] / block log)
Language Code: ''No language code filed'':
Project Name: ''No project code filed'':
Reason: No reason given
Local Bureaucrats: [[{{{4}}}:{{{3}}}:Special:Listusers/bureaucrat|Automatic list of bureaucrats]] / [[{{{4}}}:{{{3}}}:Special:Listadmins|Sysops]]
Request Status: A steward has not yet taken action on this request. Please be patient.

This template will be used on Requests for permissions.


|1=Enter local request link; if blank, temporary request info will be returned
|2=Enter your username
|3=Enter language code
|4=Enter project name
|reason=Enter the reason for your request here
|status=Should only be used by stewards to show result of request, etc.}}

Note: When requesting privelages on wikis on the Wikimedia domain, use "Wikimedia" as the project name, and use the project name as the language code.

Note to Stewards: To edit the "Request Status" portion of this template, add the "status=" parameter to the template.