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Status as of 2015-11-24[edit]

This page and its talk page have all the history that I want to keep, so this is my permanent home unless I earn permissions to remove User:Tim Chambers and User_talk:Tim Chambers so I can move these pages. I'm in hibernation for Wikimedia projects at present, though, with no estimate for when I will change status. tbc (talk) 23:30, 24 November 2015 (UTC)

Status as of 2015-01-03[edit]

Editing as Tim Chambers.

I'm now on hiatus. I have a working email address associated with my Tim Chambers account, but I don't have enough edit history to undo the redirects. Sorry. I need a break.

I was reminded that this account (Tbc) is still active, but I can't remember any details and don't want to bother the admins for recovery. I can't remember why I was originally Tbc here but Tim Chambers on Wikipedia.


"I was thinking of us calling it the metapedia, but I think the URL should be Keep it close to 'home'." [1]