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My user page on Wikipedia is en:User:Timeshifter.

My user page on the Commons is commons:User:Timeshifter.

See: User:Timeshifter/Userboxes

en:User:Timeshifter/Userboxes on English Wikipedia is more up to date, and has more timely userboxes.

Sharing info and ideas via transcluded newsletters[edit]

You can transclude newsletters into your user pages on English Wikipedia. See w:User:Timeshifter/Newsletters and w:User talk:Timeshifter.

Meta-Wiki, where ideas go to die[edit]

If you want to get some in-depth participation in Meta-Wiki projects, move all of Meta-Wiki to the Wikimedia Commons or English Wikipedia. The Commons gets a lot of participation from editors worldwide. English Wikipedia has even more editors from around the world. Meta has far fewer editors from around the world, and few check their Meta watchlist after awhile.

See: Wikipedia:Wikipedia_Signpost/2013-01-07/Op-ed, "Op-ed. Meta, where innovative ideas die". 7 January 2013 article.

Some userboxes[edit]

Some of these are not as up to date as the ones on my English Wikipedia user page.

Phase Portrait Unstable Proper Node.svg Unresolved content disputes combined with abusive admins and policies drive away editors and donations. See also.
Ads button.png I support on/off buttons for opt-in ads on a nonprofit Wikipedia for all readers (via cookies).

Phase Portrait Unstable Proper Node.svg Rude or speedy deletions of articles and categories drive away editors and donations.

Note: To copy a userbox add the relevant wikitext below to the top of your user page, user talk page, etc..

{{User:Timeshifter/Userboxes/Unresolved content disputes}}
{{User:Timeshifter/Userboxes/Optional ads 2}}
{{User:Timeshifter/Userboxes/Integrated watchlists}}
{{User:Timeshifter/Userboxes/Rude or speedy deletions}}