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There are several scripts which you can use on your Special:MyPage/global.js or on your project's user common.js (go to your project and type Special:MyPage/common.js), that might improve your editing experience. Here is a short list.

For multiple projects[edit]


Start typing a link or template like [[Exa.. or {{Exa and it'll suggest. Use:

mw.loader.load('//'); //Autocompletes links, templates

Task management[edit]

Add todo list on upper right corner, easy to manage tasks. Use:

mediaWiki.loader.load( '//' );//add a todo list right upper corner of Wiki-page, easy to manage tasks

Copy section links[edit]

Copy section headers easily. Use:

mediaWiki.loader.load( '//' ); //Copies section link


Prose size count[edit]

Count prose size easily. Yes, it excludes templates, references, categories etc. Use:

mediaWiki.loader.load( '// pda/prosesize.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript' );//


Adds a bunch of useful tools and links ad MoreMenu. Awesome tool. You need to add script in both js and css page. See script page here.

Screenshot of MoreMenu script.png


Edits a page's source code in a popup window. Note: it loads script from outside Wikipedia/Wikimedia. I tested it and it works fine. However please use caution and own understanding. Once installed it'll ask if you want to share some data.


Wikidata specific[edit]

Wikidata framework[edit]

if ( mw.config.get("wgDBname") !== 'ruwiki')
mediaWiki.loader.load( '//' );//Add Wikidata framework