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Alternate Logos[edit]


The regular wikipedia logo is great for on-screen use, but too detailed to print well on clothes (or photocopy cheaply without loss of quality), so I've made an alternate.

It's vector-based, so it can be resized smoothly (this also allows stuff like Spreadshirt plot printing -- see Fundraising ideas/Cafe Press)

Possible use on clothing:

(Wikimedia owns this logo already, so it can be used for whatever purpose.)


I'm a stranger to the terminology of logo design, but here are a few notes:

  1. Brushstrokes connote energy, do-it-yourself-ness
  2. You can see a few things in the WM shape: butterfly wings, two faces staring at each other (vase-style), etc.
  3. Color scheme connotes era of grassroots change (the early '60s, that is)

Here it is on a T-shirt mockup, logo in bright tech-y colors. (Someone more fashion-minded than me can probably size, color, and position it better.)

Other stuff[edit]

I've designed some bumper stickers for the Cafepress store. Buy them!