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Hi, I'm Toadette, and I'm happy to contribute across the project. Just highlighting my activities, I would like to introduce more about me.

Where I contribute[edit]

I mainly contribute on the English Wikipedia, changing URLs to citations, fixing grammar and words, and fighting spam and vandalism. I used to own another account but I've abandoned it and went reading Wikipedia logged out.

In case you're wondering,...[edit]

...how did I got that name?

  • Toadette (Kinopiko) is a character from the Mario game. She is a girl that does not appear often on the game, but does in some spinoffs, in this case, Super Mario Maker 2. In this game (that I first met her on YouTube), she plays as a role of a chief (in story mode). She also plays as a companion of Toad in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. I see how cute and beautiful she is.
  • Merging this name with Edit gies us a meaning that Toadette will make good contributions in the future.

Local user pages[edit]

Currently, there is only one local user page (English Wikipedia), which contributors there would probably know.

I am seeking to contribute on more projects in the future.