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TolBot: Task 7
Status  Filed
Wiki d:
Summary Create items for taxa based on data from GBIF
Page(s) Namespace (?): 0
Period manual
Language Python
Supervision supervised

Requests for approval[edit]


The bot has not yet started phase 1. Upon approval at Wikidata, phase 1 will begin.

# CreateTaxonPages (Wikidata/Wikipedia) WebTaxonArticles (Wikipedia)
1 Wikidata: automatic; run by Tol only.
Wikipedia: manual; run by Tol only.
2 Manual; run by users
3 Automatic; run by Tol only.

Phase 1[edit]

In phase 1, the bot would start by being occasionally manually run (semi-automatic CreateTaxonPages). It would automatically create and edit pages on Wikidata to add GBIF taxon ID (P846) (under the bot account). It would then create wikitext and prompt Tol to create the page on English Wikipedia. Pages on English Wikipedia would be manually reviewed before publication, and would be published under Tol's main account.

Phase 2[edit]

In phase 2, a web portal (WebTaxonArticles) would be added so that anybody could create a page on a species based on a Wikidata item. The bot would not do any editing based on user input through this portal, rather, users would only be able to make articles from existing Wikidata items. Pages would be published under individual users' accounts. CreateTaxonPages would continue without any change.

Phase 3[edit]

In phase 3, the bot would automatically edit both Wikidata and English Wikipedia after Tol has set it up (automatic CreateTaxonPages).