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Hi. I'm Tom, I'm an admin on English Wikipedia (user page) and English Wikinews (user page). I'm involved in Wikimedia UK, and frequently attend the London meetups. I also attended Wikimania 2011 in Haifa and Wikimania 2012 in Washington DC.

I'm also an admin on RationalWiki, WikiQueer and, and an active contributor to OpenStreetMap.

What cross-wiki coordination means[edit]

Cross-wiki coordination means every Wikimedian acting in the best interests of as many projects as they can. It means forging friendships and cooperation between users to help build Wikipedias in all languages: sharing wisdom and good cheer. It means warning other projects of vandals and timewasters. It means gently encouraging users to find projects that fit their temperament and skills.

It means when working with external partners, not to throw away an opportunity because it doesn't fit into Wikipedia, but to try and find a sister project that could handle what they are trying to do. It means if none of the projects quite fit, to consider publishing it on a third-party service like Internet Archive to ensure that the knowledge is getting out there, even if it doesn't yet find a comfortable home inside Wikimedia.

What cross-wiki coordination looks like[edit]

  • w:Tipu's Tiger – Wikimedia UK worked with the V&A Museum in London to improve the English Wikipedia article on Tipu's Tiger, but also engaged editors on other Wikipedias and improved images on Commons.

Stuff, possibly including nonsense[edit]