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18727 volumes

94 stacks

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Encyclopædia Britannica: two rows of volumes in shelves
  • This shows 19,470 M words across 33 million articles (for August 2014), implying 590 words per article for English, which has since increased its average article text size, though given the growth of the Cebuano, Swedish, Dutch, and the Waray Wikipedias by Lsjbot, the average is much lower at approximately 500 words per article.
  • Same source shows 173,283 GB across 19,470 M words, implying 8.9 B/word. ASCII uses 1B/character which inturn implies 8.9 characters/word. However, this includes wikimarkup, and 5 char/word plus one for space is standard, 6 characters/word will be assumed.
  • There are 49935271 articles, which means &1000000004885495000000048,854,950 words, which means &10000176770859340000000176,770,859,340 characters.
  • One volume: 25cm high, 5cm thick. 500 leaves, 2 pagefaces per leaf, two columns per pageface, 80 rows/column, 50 characters per row. So one volume = &100000000080000000000008,000,000 characters, or &100000000013333330000001,333,333 words, or &100000000000026666999992,666.7 articles.
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