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“There is a fine line between censorship and good taste and moral responsibility.”
–Steven Spielberg

Hello there, I'm SHB2000 (not my real name, should that not be obvious). My home wiki is the English Wikivoyage where I am an administrator, but I'm also active on Wikimedia Commons and am an administrator on the English Wikibooks. I also sporadically edit the English Wikipedia and the French Wikivoyage. I may occasionally edit a few other projects and do some x-wiki patrolling.

You can contact me via my talk page or via email (for autoconfirmed users). I don't use IRC, because the system looks too complicated for me to even work out how it works and seems very dated.

  • This information may appear in a mirror site. If it does, the original site is at and not anywhere else
  • Please only email me if it's anything that really needs to be kept anonymous. If not, then leave me a message on my talk page on the related project. However if it were to offend another user, then use email; for what it's worth, I really don't mind being emailed.

Personal thoughts and opinions[edit]

  • I don't exactly agree with not mentioning the usernames of LTAs, nor do I agree with completely avoiding discussions on what to do with them – it makes things needlessly complicated.
  • Abuse filters should not be a place to have admins-only discussions. If this does happen, I will not participate in it.
  • Logs should never be revision deleted. Admins should be held accountable for their actions; revision deleting logs will create a system open to abuse.
  • Copying content word-for-word from one project to another should generally be avoided. It hampers a wiki's potential to grow due to a SEO penalty.
  • A wiki that doesn't accept standard globally-accepted norms cannot expect to significantly grow without pissing off its editors.
  • No gratitude should be given for serial copyright violators. I'm all for a one warning and then you're out policy for copyright violators (outside Commons). If someone has been given a harshly-worded warning for copyright violations and then still do it again, then why should we trust them to not make another one yet?
  • Block evasion shouldn't be allowed – no excuses whatever. Period.
    • I'm all for using Wikipedia's duck test to identify IP sockpuppets as CUs cannot publically connect IPs with accounts. Maybe this wouldn't be an issue had the WMF never allowed anons to edit.
  • Hat collectors often don't have the intention to genuinely do things for the better.
  • Policy pages in English should try to use gender neutral pronouns like they/them/their. There are many people who don't want to indentify themselves using gender-specific pronouns.
  • I'm all for requesting for comment on high-profile pages, but if you are going to do that, don't make it sound like canvassing, or worse yet, canvass.
  • Minor, simple issues can be resolved without the need to request comment on a high-profile page.
  • Don't make edits that have the potential to break links or files if you're on a lousy Wi-Fi network.
  • Keeping templates to a minimum will always fail. I wrote an essay about this on en:voy:User:SHB2000/Why keeping templates to a minimum will fail, and although it is a bit English Wikivoyage-specific, it does apply to most WMF projects.
  • Admins should not be allowed to furtively get away with misusing their tools. Unfortunately, on smaller WMF projects, the lack of oversight means this is very common – hopefully I'll try and make a difference by proposing global policies for the use of rollback.
  • Never ever think about using Wikitravel. It's the inferior, for-profit, out-of-date predecessor version of Wikivoyage (edit: hi Internet Brands). See en:voy:Wikivoyage:Wikivoyage and Wikitravel for a bit of context.
  • Using bright yellow text does nothing more than hurting my eyes. Unless it's being used with a black blackground, please, for the love of those with visual impairments (myself included), don't use yellow text.

Admin statements[edit]

I didn't want to copy the same text on both wikis, so here it is. As an admin on the English Wikivoyage and English Wikibooks, here are a few things that I will and won't do:

  • I have no authority to unilaterally change or use IAR to bypass most policies that are not out-of-date or relevant.
  • I will not use my admin tools in an edit war, unless it's an egregious case of vandalism, POV pushing, obvious trolling or some other policy violation that would warrant a block.
  • For blocked users, I am not your proxy. Any request on my talk page regarding your block should only be about your block. If you're looking to use me as a proxy, no matter how hard you try and convince me, the answer will always be no.
  • I tend to avoid deleting pages in RfD discussions that I initiated, but there's an obvious consensus, or if the discussion has gone stale even after a request for another user to handle the request for a certain period of time (usually 4–7 days).
  • For touts on the English Wikivoyage, if your edit was reverted, I am not going to rewrite your reverted edit, unless it's a very mild case of touting.
  • I will not revision delete logs. See #Personal thoughts and opinions for why.
  • I can come out as harsh on users with blocks on other WMF projects; this is due to en.voy's one-strike policy (en.wb does not have one, but my stance is still the same with users continuing their disruption).
  • I will use w:en:WP:DUCK at my own discretion, provided that it's appropriate.