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Universal Code of Conduct

The Universal Code of Conduct (UCoC) is one of the key policy initiatives that has come out of the Wikimedia 2030 community conversations and strategy process. Wikimedians from around the world have put forth 10 recommendations to guide the movement towards its 2030 vision. One of these recommendations, to “Provide for Safety and Inclusion,” included creating a Code of Conduct, the UCoC. It aims to provide a universal baseline of acceptable behavior for the entire movement without tolerance for harassment. The UCoC is being developed in consultation with the Wikimedia community with respect to context, existing local policies, as well as enforcement and conflict resolution structures.

Where we are now[edit]

As per the Board of Trustees’ statement, there are two phases for the UCoC project. The first phase involved research, community and stakeholder dialogue, as well as a joint volunteer-staff committee that drafted the UCoC text proposal. The proposed text was submitted to the Board of Trustees for ratification on 13 October 2020 and is now under review.

The second phase will focus on how to enforce the UCoC. As with the first phase of the project, outlining clear enforcement pathways will involve broad input from the Wikimedia community. Community consultations for phase 2 are expected to begin in January or early February.

How you can get involved[edit]

Wikimedia communities work in highly varied contexts, and no code of conduct will be able to cover every situation and issue. The UCoC aims to provide a basic level of acceptable behavior that everyone working on the projects will be asked to follow and build upon.

As our movement grows, it is important that it does so together. Your voice is needed to help shape pathways to enforcing the code of conduct, once ratified, that addresses the diverse needs across our communities. Communities are strongly encouraged to regularly share their experiences, ideas, and learnings with behavioural policies here on Meta, in upcoming consultations and discussions, or via email.

Current news[edit]

December 2020

The WMF Board of Trustees is in the process of reviewing the Universal Code of Conduct Draft from Phase 1.

January 2021

Summary report on enforcement feedback provided by community members in Phase 1

February 2021

Affiliate consultations regarding UCoC enforcement


Detailed timeline coming soon

Universal Code of Conduct Timeline
Phase 1 Phase 2: Investigate key enforcement questions Phase 2: Create & approve enforcement proposal
Activity UCoC policy consultation WMF Board of Trustees ratifies UCoC Summary report on enforcement pathways Affiliate consultations TBD TBD TBD TBD
Dates June-October 2020 TBD January 2021 February 2021 (projected) TBD TBD TBD TBD
Status Done Pending Upcoming Upcoming Upcoming Upcoming Upcoming Upcoming

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