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I'm a long term editor on the English Wikipedia who came to the Meta-Wiki as a result of a request for input on how the Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC) should distribute US$6,000,000 across a variety of projects.

I'm adding this user page to express my complete disgust at the thought of spending the money on superfluous and wasteful projects in the "WMF communities" of mostly wealthy European countries. If WMF has US$6million left over that it doesn't think it needs to run the wiki, then it should be doing all it can to expand itself into countries and languages not currently well-enough served. The purpose behind this project isn't to fund euro-communities, it's to preserve knowledge and educate.

If even one of the proposals submitted during this cycle is funded, with their soft and fluffy goals (e.g. unmeasurable and not tied to specific value outcomes), WMF has seen its last dollar from me. As one who has donated hundreds of dollars over the years, I will no longer fund a project that wastes its money as the FDC proposes to do today.