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A User Guide to: Will Doran

Availability: EST/EDT

  • Monday 0800-1600
  • Tuesday-Thursday 0700 - 1500
  • Friday 0800-1600

Location/Timezone: Montreal, Quebec EST/EDT Preferred Name: Will

How to talk to me:

  • I am on Slack, IRC and email. I am unreliably on Element as well.
  • If you want to read me fast Slack or IRC.
  • If you email me, I will be quite slow to respond.

(Optional) Pronouns: he/him

(Optional) Things I like:

  • Drawing
  • Punk
  • Software Practices
  • Machine Learning
  • Protein binding sites
  • Photography
  • Chatting about anarchism
  • Dogs
  • Active listening
  • Nonviolent Communications

(Optional) Things I’m bad at:

  • Email
  • Remembering things without a reminder, task or list
  • Writing succinctly

(Optional) Annoying things I do:

  • I have a need for everything to be fully explained, that can lead me to push past what is a reasonable depth of explanation
  • To be effective I need information that means I will ask you to not only code but to keep your work visible so that I can bug you less
  • My tendency is to take on many things, I struggle to make sure I control my own WIP
  • Because I need to get better at being succinct, I will often send you too verbose a message

(Optional) Hot takes:

  • Arguing is ok if we resolve the argument or tension. Papering over tensions will not help us long term

(Optional) Anything else you should know about me:

  • I'm thinking...