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I'm mostly active on the Danish Wikipedia, where I've been an administrator since march 2005.

I also run my own private MediaWiki installation, which is mostly in Danish, so it's probably of limited interest for non-native Danes. However, I made a short writeup of the joys of URL rewriting with mod_rewrite, that may or may not be of general interest: http://wiki.wegge.dk/MediaWiki_customizations

Opdater/Oppdater denne side/sida/sidan

The latest news from the Wikimania Stockholm bid team

September 2008
September 28:

  • A special Sunday meeting was held, as there had been some trouble getting everyone to meet on Thursday night. Thursday meetings will commence again on October 9.
  • Mikael Lindmark is withdrawing from the bid, new member Oskar Sigvardsson is taking his place.
  • Tasks were discussed again, with each person's tasks being clearly outlined. A timeline was set, in which a certain percentage of each task should be finished by the next meeting (October 9). The first tasks should be finished by the beginning of November in most cases. People finishing their tasks early will be assigned to new tasks.
  • A vote was held on the question of conference location: Fluff, Bjelleklang, Mike_H, Laaknor, JHS, OskarS, CarinaT and Henrik voted yes to Stockholm University. Nobody opposed, with Patricia and Wegge being absent at the time of the meeting. Other options discussed before the vote were the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholmsmässan, and Globen.
  • Mike_H was elected as a temporary bid committee chair, with nobody opposing.
  • The question of guest speakers on the conference was raised; Mike asked everyone to come up with suggestions for October 9, which will be the next meeting.
  • Carina brought up a proposal first posted to the mailing list by Sir48. Before Wikimania, it is proposed to organize meetups in Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Reykjavik of the local Wikipedians, and then from there everyone can travel together to Stockholm for the conference. The Norwegians, Danes and Finns in attendance agreed it was a very good idea. Carina suggested that this be written into the bid, and Mike volunteered to put it in. The bid team will also be talking to the Icelandic contingent in the coming weeks and asking for their input with this idea.

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