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Achtung.svg I am an employee of the Wikimedia Foundation. My user name, Whitecirius, represents my personal account. That is, all edits that I make under this user name are made only in my individual, personal capacity as a volunteer, or otherwise regular member of the community. When I use this user name, I am not acting as an employee, representative, or agent of Wikimedia Foundation.

On Wiki[edit]

I am volunteer for the Wikimedia Foundation. My role is to represent, the voice and needs of the vast majority of the users of Wikimedia projects: the readers who rarely or never edit. I can be reached on my meta talk page. In my volunteer capacity, I can usually be found on en:Wikipedia or meta.where I am just a volunteer.

You can find me on en:Wikipedia as Whitecirius as a volunteer.On IRC, my username is usually Whitecirius.