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This is another alternative draft of the WMF Philly bylaws, based on suggestions of SB Johnny.


General Members[edit]

The Wikimedia Philadelphia chapter has an open membership, based only on requirements of activity. Any individual who is a member of a Wikimedia Foundation Project, and who has amassed over 2,000 contributions combined in Wikimedia Foundation projects may be called a member. Members may attend meetings and speak or vote.

Elder Members[edit]

Any member who has over 10,000 edits combined on various Wikimedia Foundation projects may be called an "elder member" of the chapter. Elder members may interpret the results of votes and discussions.


Meetings shall be held 4 times per year, in the city of Philadelphia, or in the surrounding areas as decided upon by the members of the chapter. Members who do not attend the meetings may not vote or discuss the business of the chapter.


All decisions of the Chapter are made through the consensus of members present at the Chapter meetings. It is the responsibility of the elder members to interpret the discussion and declare when consensus has been reached.


The Chapter will elect 6 members to serve as a parliament, for a term of 18 months. Parliament members will decide amongst themselves on a Prime Minister, who shall be the chief executive of the Chapter for the term of parliament. The parliament will handle the daily business of the Chapter. No member of parliament may serve 2 terms consecutively.