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Individual Engagement Grants proposals[edit]

Round 1, 2013[edit]

Grants:IEG/A revival of Outreach to Increase Participation
Grants:IEG/Build an effective method of publicity in PRChina
Grants:IEG/Community engagement in Portugal
Grants:IEG/Consolidate wikiArS to involve art schools
Grants:IEG/Convidando o Brasil
Grants:IEG/Elaborate Wikisource strategic vision
Grants:IEG/GIS and Cartography in Wikimedia
Grants:IEG/Mapping History: Revision History Visualizer and Improvement Suggester using Geo-Spatial Technologies
Grants:IEG/MediaWiki and Javanese script
Grants:IEG/MediaWiki data browser
Grants:IEG/More books in the Bashkir language at Wikisource
Grants:IEG/Replay Edits
Grants:IEG/Studying content interest and editor engagement factors with new editors
Grants:IEG/Targeted recruitment of contributors
Grants:IEG/The Wikipedia Adventure
Grants:IEG/The Wikipedia Library
Grants:IEG/Wiki Makes Video
Grants:IEG/Wikipedia Massive Open Online Courses
Grants:IEG/Wikipedia on the Margins: Women, Minorities, and Philosophy
Grants:IEG/Writing Coaching for New Editors