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IEG Round-2 2014 tools[edit]

Grants:IEG/Automated Notability Detection
Grants:IEG/Citation data acquisition framework
Grants:IEG/Dedicated Programming Compiler
Grants:IEG/Easy Micro Contributions for Wiki Source
Grants:IEG/Enhance Proofreading for Dutch
Grants:IEG/From large world to small communities
Grants:IEG/Gamified Microcontributions
Grants:IEG/Global Watchlist
Grants:IEG/Piłsudski Institute of America GLAM-Wiki Scalable Archive Project
Grants:IEG/Revision scoring as a service
Grants:IEG/Semi-automatically generate Categories for some small-scale & medium-scale Wikis
Grants:IEG/Tamil OCR to recognize content from printed books