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My wikiProject proposals SandBox[edit]

wikiFormulas & wikiScripts[edit]

Concept design: The concept on this is that wikimedia's vision is to create a free information repository and in the end to create free knowledge, thus and a simple visual representation of a mathematical equation is less information than the

The idea would be to merge WikiTex with, or add a plugging to:

1st- An algebraic notation formula editor that enables Graphical WYSIWYG editing of math expressions

 *(as the one on the calculator HP49G)
 * mathml editors
 * mathml plugins

2st- Represent all of wikiformulas with a Mathml format or similar that has a bi-univocal mathematical meaning and symbolic representation, in order to be able to use this same format in equation solving programs.

 *(as the one on the calculator HP49G Solvesys)

3rd- Add an symbolic equation solver, plotter, that is enable of performing algebraic transformations, arithmetic, trigonometry, calculus, etc to the mediawiki in order to use it on:

 *Wikipedia Articles to create plots wikily (easily), 
   *Learning projects
   *Statistical analysis

4th- Create a wikiProject named wikiFormulas where all of the formulas added to any wikimedia project gets all of the above treatment,and thus lets total integration between mathematical information and its representation.


  • If someone has already added any formula to wikiFormulas, there is no need for ANYONE else to re add it, and this really optimizes editors time.
  • Ones wikiFormulas is implemented, and functioning as a integrated part of wikimedia, a new layer of posible projects that use the formulas in any way can apear




Concept Design: Make it easy to get figures and diagrams into wikimedia pages.

This wikiProject would enrich wikipages, and would let editors express knowledge not only in a written way but also in a grafical one.


In the same line with wikimedia's vision, and complementing wikiFormulas, this project is intended to gather publicly accessible databases spread all over the net, and generate a consolidated DataBases repository of any type of information, either statistical or factical.



Concept Design: To allow Festival Reading of pages, for non readers to be able to use wikimedia.

Blind or illiterate people, can't reach all of humans knowledge because they can't understand the symbols in which it is coded. Braking this cycle by suplying a spoken representation of the information on a given page would be very helpful in the direction of wikimedia's vision.

A discussion must determine which is best: if to supply of the software integrated to a wikimedia user package in order for it to locally read the pages, or if a centralized optimized speech software should be developed.


Concept Design: It's incredibly obvious but the concept is exactly that: wikidonations, that is quick donations, or easy donations..

Fundamental: Wikimedia is funded by donations, thus if donations don't come, wikimedia can't sustain itself as we see it today (not associated with any economical nor political party). In the other hand the three primordial ways to contribute to wikimedia today are by:

  • Adding information and knowledge to wikimedia.
  • Getting involved in the wikimedia community.
  • Donating money to the non for profit wikimedia foundation.

They are listed in the order that I think they occur, please correct me if I'm wrong.

The importance of this listing is that it reveals that money isn't neither the first nor the second most typical way people use to contribute to the system, and the lack of money could lead to a shortage of physical resources if wikimedia's vision is really targeted as plausible (To give every human free access to the sum of all knowledge).

This could be so because there are (can be) more interested people in contributing large quantities of knowledge than those that are interested (or capable) of contributing large quantities of money. If someone has the statistics of this two facts please insert them here:

  • Active Editors:
  • Active Activists:
  • Active Donators:

(see Dynamic System Representation/Simulation)

The solution that I can see to this dilemma is at the same time it's cause: Huge number of Computers requesting and interchanging information.

Instead of trying to push Active Activists to be Active Donators, we could pull Active Editors to be Active Activists in a way that represents little extra work for them but an important decrease of physical resources increment to wikimedia, and in that way future donations will be available for the foundation to use in a better area than physical resources.

The actual wikimedia process cycle is as follows: (again please correct me if I'm wrong)

look for information on the net, find wikimedia's page related to that information, find it useful, starts contributing, continues using it, gets to like it so much that he starts to be a wikimedia activist, if he has money, he donates, wikimedia receives the money, wikimedia invests the money in the best technology available for distributing wikimedia's pages, new technology attracts new users,

Someone donates to Wikimedia Foundation. Wikimedia looks the best way to distribute information. Wikimedia spends the donators money to enable future

Now imagine the following shortage:

Install a Wikimedia HUB on your computer,

Its more improbable that someone donates money to wikimedia, in order for wikimedia to find the best way to distribute information, than it is for someone to accept be part of wikimedia's distribution system, with the overall efficiency that distributed computation has, and the direct link created between people adding information, and it's distribution.


I've been concerned about wikimedia getting too full of usefull information (and knowledge) as to start wakening

This can be represented in a Dynamic System representation, by pointing that for every new knowledge that enters the system we need

If the rate of people that want to contribute to wikimedia increases steadily, this means that wikimedia will grow even faster by the minute, and thus an indirect way to expand the physical resources would lag behind this interest, but