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Leon B.
Former Administrator, Wikipedia
Making the internet not suck since 2004
Leon B.

About me

I'm WikiLeon throughout Wikimedia (as it is my unified login, [1]). You could find my main user page at the English Wikipedia. If you're unsure if an account is actually me, be sure to ask me on my talk page.

My work

Here is a list of other wikis I contribute to, outside of Wikimedia. English Wikipedia[2] - Simple English Wikipedia - Wikimedia Meta - Wikimedia Commons - Wikipedia Test Wiki - Wikiquote - Wikibooks - Wikimedia Incubator - Wikiversity - MediaWiki - Wikia - Uncyclopedia - Sonic Retro - YTMND Wiki as LBMixPro[3][2] - Wikinfo - Conservapedia - WikiLeon on Encyclopedia Dramatica[3] - wikiHow

Contact me

My English Wikipedia talk page

  1. I've also unified my previous usernames Lbmixpro and LBMixPro
  2. a b I'm an administrator there
  3. a b The foundation-wide blacklist prevents linking to this site